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RecSports is the campus recreation department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. RecSports is the 2nd largest employer of students at UT. Students employed with RecSports work in the TRECS, the Student Aquatic Center (SAC), or out at the RecSports Field Complex at Sutherland. Students employed with RecSports report within the following program areas: Informal Recreation, Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, Fitness, Aquatics, or Outdoor Pursuits.

Student Positions with RecSports Include:
-RecSports Assistant (RSA)
-Intramural Sports Referee
-Intramural Sports Assistant
-Sport Clubs Manager
-Outdoor Pursuits Assistant
-Water Safety Instructor
-Grounds & Maintenance Assistant
-Promotions/Social Media Assistant
-Group Fitness Instructor
-Personal Trainer

A student employed with RecSports who shows dedication, work ethic, and competency while in their role has the opportunity to be promoted into a leaderhip/management position. These position include:
-Building Manager
-Facilities Supervisor
-Intramural Sports Manager
-Head Life Guard
-Outdoor Pursuits Manager
-Outdoor Pursuits Trip Leader

In an longitudinal assessment of students employed with RecSports, 88% agreed that working for RecSports helped them connect to the University of Tennessee and prepared them for being successful in a future occupation.

Using the NACE Competencies, students employed with RecSports selected the following as the most developed by working at RecSports:
-Oral/Written Communication
-Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Quote from a former student employee of RecSports:
"I was able to learn how to direct and organize people, develop strong time management skills, take on real responsibility where I was the point person on projects, and develop strong interpersonal skills. Working with a multitude of people prepared me for my first job out of college."


Intramural Sports Official

March 2017 - January 2018 Knoxville, TN
“I loved my coworkers, and how the scheduling was set up. I could put in my available times and it would repeat itself every week, but I could still change my available times up when I needed to. It was very user-friendly. I also had a lot of fun doing the work. I was a scorekeeper, so I never made or reinforced any calls except a couple of times when it was unclear or a player had a question/concern. I was always playing sports in middle and high school, so it was fun for me to get back in that environment. It was nicer on my schedule than being a part of a team with practices and games whose scheduling I would have had less control over. ”
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