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Can someone provide me with an in-person perspective of working as a National Manager at Dow Jones?

As National Manager of Quality, I was responsible for ensuring that The Wall Street Journal and Barron's magazine were produced (printed) consistently across all of our production facilities. To achieve that goal, each printing center would send newspaper samples to our Princeton offices where my...
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Dow Jones is a big company, does it maintain it's focus on company values?

Everyone at DJ has a great deal of pride in the products produced and the importance of the brand. Between managing the Dow Jones Industrial Average information and producing products/publications used by businesses daily, it is important to understand that whatever is published could impact the ...
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Tips to prepare for an interview for a Metadata Management Intern position at Dow Jones & Co.?

My interviewing process was relatively simple. The questions had a personality component, asking questions like "What was the best work place compliment you have ever received." Another category was more oriented towards my knowledge of technology and cybersecurity; questions in this portion wher...
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What is it like daily in the life of a Metadata Management Intern at Dow Jones & Co. like?

My typical day definitely varied based on the project that I was working on. At Dow Jones, I worked on two independent large projects for Metadata Management. For the first project, which focused on determining the tool dependency of tagging methods, I would preform extractions with SQL, create a...
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Any tips to succeed at Dow Jones & Co.?

To succeed at Dow Jones, I would have to say that you must be willing to ask questions and provide input when working with full time employees. I recommend this because it allows for the product or report that you are working on to be better and truly gives you the opportunity to learn more about...
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Does Dow Jones & Co. provide housing for out of state students?

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